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Union Office Phone Numbers & Email Addresses



Local 701 Union Hall

Phone:  708-482-1720   Fax:   708-482-1750


Health and Welfare Department  

Phone:  708- 482-0110    Fax: 708-482-9140


Pension Department

Phone:   708-482-0220    Fax: 708-482-4242


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Union Representatives Contact Information


Directing Business Representative:


Sam Cicinelli                                     See Below



Administrative Assistant


Lori Espinosa                                 708-588-7502



Assistant Directing Business Representative:


Armando Arreola (hable Espanol)   708-588-7503



Business Representative / Organizer:


Mark Grasseschi                              708-269-1543


Business Representative / Organizer:


Terry Kimmel                                    708-482-1720



Business Representative / Organizer:


Bill LePinske                                     708-785-1291



Business Representative / Organizer:


Bob Lessmann                                 708-588-7505



Business Representative / Organizer:


Evan Mickles                                    708-588-7504



Business Representative / Organizer:


Steve Tyeptanar                              708-588-7508



Business Representative / Organizer:


Mark Utley                                        708-588-7509






Rich Handler                                      708-296-1291



Mike Wendling                                   708-828-2001




                     Union Office Staff:


Office Manager/Controller:


Maureen McGinnis                            708-588-7513


Administration                            FAX:708-482-1747


Union Clerk/Biller shops E-N :


Carherine Lando                                708-588-7517


Union Clerk/Biller Shops D & O through Z and UPS:


Rosemary Brendel                              708-588-7514


Union Clerk/Biller Shops A-C:


Call for Information                               708-482-1720


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