Local 701 Wins Gruber Gear Award

gruber_gearThe IAM Midwest Territory and Guide Dogs of America sponsored the 8th Annual “Rides for Guides” Classic Auto Show on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at the IAM District 9 Hall located in Bridegeton, MO.

This year’s show also included a competition between Local 701 and District 9 to see “Who could build the best looking trophy to be given to the winner of the show?”  Local 701 took the honors and brought the trophy home.

This year, Local 701’s trophy (on the right of the above picture) was designed and built by the students and instructors in the Automobile Mechanics’ Local 701 Training Center.  The completed trophy which was built of used car parts was sent to a Local 701 represented shop, Rustic House Ironworks of Shorewood, Illinois, to be powder coated prior to being turned into the Midwest Territory Office.

Local 701 is having a competition for all of its members to build the next trophy to compete in 2017 at the 9th Annual “Rides for Guides” Classic Auto Show. Entries are due by no later than January 4th to be judged at our January 2017 monthly meeting. The winner will receive a $300.00 gift certificate.

The trophy should be made up of automotive/motorcycle parts that should be welded bolted or permanently attached to allow for powder coating. Chrome pieces, if used, should be bolted on to allow for removal before powder coating. Contact Bob Lessmann at 708-752-3437 for more information. Good luck!  Let’s keep the trophy (and all associated bragging rights) right here at Local 701!


(c) 2016 Automobile Mechanics' Local 701 IAM&AW