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Local 701 is excited to announce that members covered under Local 701’s Insurance will soon be able to take advantage of Teladoc and have access to a doctor anytime, anywhere.  A welcome kit is being mailed to eligible members homes with instructions for setting up your Teladoc account, completing your medical history and requesting a consult. Once you are set up a Teladoc doctor is always just a call or click away!

“I am really excited about this new benefit we were able to provide for our members.” said Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli. “This provides the assurance our members get the necessary medical attention they need without any interruptions in their work. Many times our members ignore their health needs because they are afraid to miss work.  This benefit allows them to continue to work without any interruptions and take care of their health needs.”

Meet The Doctors

Teladoc is simply a new way to access qualified doctors. All Teladoc Doctors:

  • Are practicing PCPs, pediatricians, and family medical physicians
  • Average 15 years experience
  • Are US board certified and licensed in your state
  • Are credentialed every three years, meeting NCQA standards

Get The Care You Need

Teladoc doctors can treat many medical conditions including:

  • Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Sinus problems
  • Ear infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Respiratory infection
  • Skin problems
  • And more!

Why Teladoc?

It is a convenient and affordable option for quality care

  • When you need care now
  • If you are considering the ER or urgent care for a non emergency issue
  • On vacation, on a business trip, or away from home
  • For short term prescription refills

Talk To A Doctor Anytime For Free!

Consult cost funded by Automobile Mechanics’ Local #701 Welfare Fund

Teladoc is just a click or call away!


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