Labor Endorsed Candidates


Directing Business Representative, Organizer and E-News Editor.

With the general election nearing, we have had several members and their families asking who labor is endorsing in the upcoming election.  With labor in this country being constantly under attack it is more imperative now than ever before to get out the vote for candidates that support labor.

From the state level, Labor needs to focus on electing candidates who will continue to stand against “right-to-work” (for less) laws that are a direct attack on not only our members but all working men and women in this country.  Don’t be fooled, “right-to-work” (RTW) legislation has NOTHING to do with your rights.  This legislation’s sole purpose is to attack organized labor and limit our ability to collectively bargain strong contracts for our membership.  In state after state RTW has failed to live up to it’s promise and has only lead to lower wages and fewer benefits for workers.

Simply put sisters and brothers, we cannot allow candidates to distract us from one of the most important parts of our lives… our jobs.  Voters need to consider first and foremost how the candidates they vote for will affect our employment and our ability to make a living and provide for our family.

Thankfully, The Chicago Federation of Labor has researched the candidates positions and their support of working families.  You can click HERE to see the full list of Labor endorsed / Local 701 endorsed candidates at all levels of government for the upcoming election.  We urge our membership to support candidates who support Labor and vote for Labor endorsed candidates.

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